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Ed Sicher’s Voting Record On Important Issues

Spring 2015                     Approval of JCBA  No 
May 2016  Disclosure of all Motions and Resolutions to the Membership  Yes (second) 
May 2016  Negotiating Committee Tasking to Seek Improvements to LTD Provisions (Seeks to overturn onerous provisions of Letter KK (2), especially the earned income offset provision  Yes (absorbed R2016-29) my resolution regarding LTD benefits offsets) 
May 2016  Electronic Posting of Candidates Resumes in Nomination Round (Allows members to view resumes in nomination round BEFORE voting)  Yes (drafter) 
Jun 2016  Sup F and Section 11.D.1.  Negotiating Committee Tasking (Provision to prevent removal of LTD pilots from the seniority list)  Yes (drafter) 
Jan 2017  Withdrawal of Facilities Grievance Requiring Company to Provide an Accessible Crew Room in Fort Lauderdale  No 
Feb 2017  No Confidence Vote in Mr. Parker   Yes 
Mar 2017  Called BOD CC for “National Day of Action” Opposing NAI (authorized President to mobilize APA to stop NAI)  Yes 
May 2017  Funding of the Global Air Quality Exec  Yes (Drafter) 
May 2017  Designation of an Environmental Safety Sub Committee (for improving cabin air quality)  Yes (Drafter) 
Aug 2017  Discontinue Live Webcasting  No 
Aug 2017  Contemporary Airline Benchmark Analysis Comm. (Starts the process for organizational development and internal change for APA)  Yes (co-drafter) 
Dec 2017  Decision to Allow President Carey to Agree to Give Back “Green December” for the promise of LOS  No 
Apr 2018  Meeting Recording Policy Enhancements  Yes (second) 
Apr 2018  Aeromedical Committee Religious Services Discontinuation  Yes 
Jun 2018  PBS Line Construction Parameters (Allows pilots to bid both above and below the line construction window, as long as the net association hours remain zero)   Yes (drafter) 
Jun 2018  Motion to Overturn President Carey’s Global Settlement Agreement  Yes (drafter) 

Requirements for APA Presidential Actions 

(Removes assumption of validity for all Presidential actions and requires him to comply with APA policies at all times) 

— (drafter)