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Let’s Fix APA so it works for YOU!

Your ballots must be received by APA by May 31st at 9:00 am in order to be counted! Please mail them in ASAP!

Why Vote for Ed Sicher

Simply put, APA isn’t working as well as it could for its members. We need change. We need to transform APA into a member advocacy organization that actually ADVOCATES for its members! My record while serving APA has proven that I can be trusted to steadfastly defend my members, not be afraid to communicate clearly and frankly about issues that affect us, and ALWAYS promote progress at APA. I will only vote for a contract that puts us ahead of our peers and ahead of inflation!

REMEMBER, this next Presidential election will determine who represents you when the next Tentative Agreement (TA) is passed onto the membership. I have proven I will only vote for progressive pay and work rules. Do you trust the other candidate to vote in YOUR best interests, or in THEIRS?

A Vision For The Future

APA needs to break the “status quo” and start functioning effectively for its members.


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We need to start with more transparency at APA.  When our members are better informed, we will make better decisions.  Enough closed door meetings.  Enough secrecy.  We need to know WHAT our union is union and WHY our union is doing it.  It is unforgivable that we can inform management what our wants at the negotiating table without also informing our members what we are requesting at the negotiating table.  We need to proceed by admitting the old way of doing things may not be the best way of doing things.  Adopting better policies and practices that are effective at our brother and sister unions is a start.  Only after we admit there is a problem at APA can we set out on a course of action that allows us to solve that problem.  Finally, we need to get “back to basics” at APA.  It’s all there in our founding documents, we just don’t stick to them.  We need our union to work towards IMPROVING pay benefits and work rules, not passing pay proposals across the table that put us behind inflation.  We need to ensure the protection of individual and collective rights of our members and insist on prompt and expeditious hearings and grievances.  Instead we have had grievances languor for 10 or more years without allowing them be heard.  We need to further scheduling with Safety in ANY practicable manner instead of allowing management to optimize our schedules into unsafe and fatiguing sequences that don’t allow our pilots sufficient rest or the ability to schedule themselves away from flying they don’t want.

Where APA needs to be!

Here’s what we need to accomplish now at APA


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  • APA should lead the industry in all measures. Somebody has to be #1, why not us?
  • Industry-leading compensation is not just a taking point, it needs to be a union mandate!
  • Demand improved work rules and a better quality of work life.
  • Benefits are not an afterthought – they are a health necessity for us and our families!
  • Insist on management scheduling in accordance with our contract. Repeated violations cannot be tolerated.
  • Build alliances with other labor unions and legislators that advance our cause!
  • Earn back membership confidence in our union leadership. Leaders can’t only transmit; they also need to receive.
  • Management does a good job worrying about management. The union needs to do a better job of worrying about the membership’s needs rather than fixing management’s problems, let alone their self-inflicted predicaments.

Background and Beliefs

I grew up on the southside of Chicago, the son of second-generation…


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I grew up on the southside of Chicago, the son of second-generation Italian immigrants, who worked their way out of poverty through hard work and good-paying union jobs. My parents and grandparents knew the importance of education and hard work and instilled those values in my sister, my brother, and me.

Why I’m Running for Office

Ed Sicher is over 75% Effective at Defending Members from Discipline

Back in 2014, after more than 15 years of “sitting on the bench” and complaining about what was happening at APA, I decided that the quicker road to better pay, work rules, and benefits was to run for the union office myself.

After having served nearly five years as a Board member in the MIA Chairman and Vice-Chairman role, I have witnessed the impact that the President has had on our collective interests.

APA needs responsible leadership with historical experience to point this union down a defined road toward a more prosperous future.

Please vote for Ed Sicher and join me in restoring the membership’s faith and trust in their union leadership. Aspire for APA to be the industry leader in all parameters, promote ethical and responsible behavior so as to promote membership confidence in their leadership, and make sure the union leadership is listening to the membership. Sounds pretty basic, but that’s what this vote is going to come down to.

In Unity,

Ed Sicher

“As President, I will align our union towards achieving its most important objective: An industry-leading contract for YOU!”

– Ed Sicher –

Who will represent YOU in our ongoing Section 6 negotiations?

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My voting record while representing our Miami pilots has proven that I will steadfastly promote only what is in our collective best interests. I will be honest and ethical about the union’s business, as I always have been, and I will follow the edicts of the membership without deviation.

Mail Your Ballots ASAP!

Your ballots must be received by APA by May 31st at 9:00 am in order to be counted.








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